DynaPrep MDSF Medium Diameter Split Frame Clamshell Pipe Cutters/Bevelers

DynaPrep MDSF Split Frame

Our clients’ needs in cold cutting machine tools continue to change and evolve. As the innovators and market leader in split frame technology, E.H. Wachs continually evolves its products to meet those needs. You asked for split frames that were easier to set up, easier to operate, and more powerful to handle heavy wall form tooling. At the same time you didn’t want to change what made Wachs LCSF Low Clearance Split Frames great: their low clearance design that fits into tight spaces, its portability, and its wide range of versatile accessories.

Designed to meet and exceed all these parameters, we designed the DynaPrep™ MDSF Medium Diameter Split Frame. Engineered to surpass anything available today, it was benchmarked against the rest and built to be the best. In ancient Greece Dyna translated to power, at E.H. Wachs DynaPrep translates to maximum power in cold cutting weld prep machine tools. Our core design principal during its development was power combined with durability.

Wachs DynaPrep MDSF split frame redefines the category of cold cutting machine tools for pipe and vessels. Rugged yet highly portable, DynaPrep offers unmatched form tooling capability on heavy wall pipe, including difficult to machine high alloy materials. Designed for cutting, beveling, facing, counterboring and flange facing, it's available in sixteen standard models for nominal pipe sizes ranging from 2in - 60in O.D. (DN50-1500), with each model covering a generous 6in range. Sold as complete kits or individual components, the DynaPrep MDSF is available in your choice of pneumatic, hydraulic or electric drive.

DynaPrep™ MDSF Standard Model Sizes:

MDSF 206 2-6in (DN50-150) OD
MDSF 408 4-8in (DN100-200) OD
MDSF 610 6-10in (DN150-250) OD
MDSF 612 6-12in (DN150-300) OD
MDSF 814 8-14in (DN200-350) OD
MDSF 1016 10-16in (DN250-400) OD
MDSF 1218 12-18in (DN300-450) OD
MDSF 1420 14-20in (DN350-500) OD
MDSF 1824 18-24in (DN450-600) OD
22-28in (DN550-700) OD
MDSF 2228
MDSF 2632
26-32in (DN650-800) OD
MDSF 3036
30-36in (DN750-900) OD
MDSF 3642 36-42in (DN900-1050) OD
MDSF 4248 42-48in (DN1050-1200) OD
MDSF 4854 48-54in (DN1200-1350) OD
MDSF 5460 54-60in (DN1350-1500) OD

DynaPrep™ MDSF Features:

  • Rugged design with vastly increased form tooling capability
  • New gear design withstands force from up to a 10HP (7.5kW) drive motor
  • Ring sizes 20in and below use four clamping feet for squaring
  • New V-Lock ring mating surfaces features angled captivated bolt and keyway
  • Common cross sectional height for tool slide commonality
  • Low sectional height fits in narrow or confined operating envelopes
  • Aluminum fixed ring for portability, steel rotating ring for strength
  • Advanced heat treating and anti-corrosion coatings for enhanced durability
  • Dual row v-bearing construction for precision and strength
  • V-bearings run in a new unique hardened steel dual raceway
  • Dual raceway design evenly distributes force loading no matter the direction
  • Only two sockets 1/2in (13mm) and 3/4in (19mm) needed for setup and operation
  • Ring sizes 24in (610mm) and up use eight clamping feet for squaring and stability
  • Indexed, squaring clamping leg design features a 2in (50mm) stroke
  • Single clamp pad extension covers a 6in (152mm) pipe diameter range
  • Clamp pads mount axially without removing the machine from the pipe
  • U shaped feet pair with push in buttons and points for miter or elbow mounting
  • Screw feet are reversible for mounting versatility, accept push-in buttons & points
  • All models feature replaceable felt wiper for lubrication and to capture chip debris
  • Detented swing bolts allow for fast positioning over inline pipe


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