Industrial Onsite Support

Onsite Support

24/7 Onsite Technical Support

Anywhere around the globe, 24/7, E.H. Wachs specially trained technicians are available for onsite instruction, supervision and equipment maintenance of our products. Every Wachs technician is an experienced professional who is specially trained in all aspects of our equipment, from specifying machines and equipment to training your team on their safe and effective use.

No matter your location, we offer immediate access to:
  • Equipment support and services
  • Machining technicians
  • Training technicians
  • Supervisory technicians
  • Custom tooling experts
As the premier manufacturer of portable pipe cutting and beveling weld prep machine tools, valve maintenance products and specialized cutting solutions, Wachs onsite technicians are best qualified to train your personnel in their proper operation and maintenance. A small investment in a Wachs technician’s time pays big dividends in increased productivity, decreased safety concerns and enhanced product longevity.
For additional details please contact one of our Onsite Technician specialists:
E.H. Wachs Industrial Products
William Pence, Senior Account Manager
T: +1.847.484.2661 | E:
Wachs Canada
John Gruntfest, Canada Country Manager
T: +1.910.228.3454 | E: