DynaPrep MDSF 1016 Split Frame Clamshell Pipe Cutters/Bevelers

DynaPrep MDSF 206 Split Frame 1.5HP Right Angle Pneumatic Kit

The DynaPrep MDSF Split Frame 1016 10in-16in OD (DN250 - 400), is based on a rotating split ring style OD mounted machine tool (aka clamshells), designed to cold cut, bevel, single point and counterbore pipe and face flanges. Available kits include:

  • DynaPrep MDSF 1016 rotating ring set
  • Slides for specific kit
  • Operating Hand Tools
  • Operating Manual
  • Storage Case

Wachs DynaPrep MDSF Medium Diameter split frames are named for their ability to split in half for mounting to the outside of inline pipe. Each Wachs Split Frame uses a proven cold cutting machining process to cut and bevel pipe. It maintains the low clearance design of our previous LCSF series, but builds on that legacy with dozens of innovations and new features to make it more powerful, more versatile and faster to setup and operate. It redefines the standard in portable, cold cutting machine tools.


In regard to cutting applications, all DynaPrep pipe weld prep machine tools perform inline pipe cutting, can cut off pipe ends, and sever corroded and damaged pipe. A pipe cutter by nature, these pipe cutting machines can also simultaneously cut and bevel inline pipe and perform work in pipeline applications with normal and heavy wall pipe. For heavy wall pipe additional modules are available. Additionally, each machine acts as a pipe beveler, beveling inline pipe, can bevel pipe ends and act as a pipe end prep beveling machine tool, can chamfer inline pipe and bevel pipelines. In certain applications where a compound bevel is needed, the DynaPrep can act as a compound beveler, beveling with form tools or single point machining complex preps such as j-prep bevels.

Moving beyond cut and bevel capability, each DynaPrep MDSF can be equipped with modules for flange facing which will convert the DynaPrep from a pipe cutter into a flange facer that can face and resurface flanges. As a flange resurfacing machine, the DynaPrep MDSF can perform smooth resurfacing, raised face resurfacing, record grooving, and RTJ ring groove creation and resurfacing.

When the need arises to counterbore pipe, the DynaPrep series of rotating lathe machine tools can be outfitted with counterbore modules, enabling counterboring and deep counterbore machining of pipe ends creating desired lands for welding.


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