DynaPrep Split Frame Pipe Cutters/Bevelers

DynaPrep MDSF 12 Inch

E.H. Wachs DynaPrep Split Frames are the world’s most versatile and comprehensive line of clamshell style, portable pipe cutting and beveling machine tools on the market today. Designed to cut, bevel, single point, counterbore and face flanges on pipe and tubing ranging from .5 to 120 inches O.D. (DN15-3000) on most wall thicknesses and materials, E.H.Wachs has a split frame to fit most size pipe, tube or vessels.

DynaPrep split frames are named for their ability to split in half at the frame, or “break open” and bolt back together again. This allows them to open and mount around the O.D. of inline piping, or they can be slipped closed over open ended pipe. All Wachs DynaPrep split frames are built to last a lifetime and engineered to apply precise, consistently square cuts and bevels the first time, every time.

24 inch DynaPrep MDSF Split FrameSplit Frame - A field-portable clamshell-style pipe cutting and beveling machine tool (lathe) that splits to mount to in-line pipe, tube, and flanges. Structurally it features a fixed rigid frame or ring for support and mounting, and a rotating ring for attaching machining modules and tooling. Both rings split to allow the whole machine to clamp or hinge around a pipe, tube, or flange's outside diameter (O.D.), prior to machining. During the machining process, the machine tool modules attached to the rotating ring perform specific functions (cutting, beveling, resurfacing, facing, or counterboring), while the fixed, rigid frame the rotating ring travels around stays securely mounted to the pipe, tube, or flange.
Also known as: Clamshell, Ring Lathe, Pipe Cutter, Pipe Beveler