DynaPrep LDSF 75 Large Diameter Split Frame Clamshell Pipe Cutter/Beveler

Wachs LDSF 75 Large Diameter Split Frame with hydraulic drive is designed for cold cutting, beveling, facing and counterboring on large diameter pipes, vessels and flanges from 60in-75in OD (1524mm-1905mm). It incorporates multiple advancements designed to make it stronger, faster to set up, and easier to operate. Picking up where our DynaPrep MDSF split frames leave off, four standard LDSF Large Diameter Split Frame sizes will cover a range from 60in-120in O.D. (DN1500-DN3000). Each machine covers a 15in (381mm) diameter range and will simultaneously cut and bevel most wall thicknesses and materials.

 LDSF Features

  • Splits into quadrants for easier storage, transport and set-up
  • Dual hydraulic drive motors require less clearance than one large motor
  • All steel construction for durability and rigidity
  • Common size, fully captivated fasteners used throughout
  • Quick release, adjustable height setup legs, 3 per quadrant
  • Twelve leg mounting system, axially adjustable clamping legs with micro adjust
  • Rigging blocks with multi-axial lifting eyes allow horizontal or vertical lifting
  • Available remote control trip actuation
  • Available for Purchase or Rental


  • Four-Quadrant 60in - 75in hinged Ring Assembly
  • (1) OD Tracking Parting Slide
  • (1) OD Tracking Beveling Slide
  • (1) Trip Assembly
  • Full Range Clamp Foot Set
  • Dual Hydraulic Drive Motors
  • Operating Hand Tools
  • Manual
  • Shipping Container


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