Clamping Shell inserts for OW 170 fusion orbital weld heads

Made of aluminum. 1 set of clamping inserts consists of 2 parts for 1 clamping side. 2 clamping inserts (= 4 parts) are required for each tube dimension.

You can choose between wide “W” and small “S” clamping inserts which can be combined with one another as desired.

Application Tube OD OW 170 “S” (small)
Tube 50.8mm 2.000in OT825.002.121
DN 50 53mm 2.087in OT825.002.124
2in Pipe 60.3mm 2.375in OT825.002.129
Tube 63.5mm 2.500in OT825.002.134
DN 65 70mm 2.759in OT825.002.136
2 1/2in Pipe 73mm 2.875in OT825.002.138
Tube 76.2mm 3.000in OT825.002.144
DN 80 85mm 3.346in OT825.002.149
3in Pipe 88.9mm 3.500in OT825.002.151
Tube 101.6mm 4.000in OT825.002.158
DN 100 104mm 4.094in OT825.002.159
4in Pipe 114.3mm 4.500in OT825.002.164
Tube 127mm 5.000in OT825.002.167
DN 125 129mm 5.079in OT825.002.169
5in Pipe 141.3mm 5.563in OT825.002.172
Tube 152.4mm 6.000in OT825.002.173
DN 150 154mm 6.063in OT825.002.174
6in Pipe 168.3mm 6.625in OT825.002.178
Blank Blank Blank OT825.002.185


Application Tube OD OW 170 “W” (wide)
Tube 50.8mm 2.000in OT825.002.321
DN 50 53mm 2.087in OT825.002.324
2in Pipe 60.3mm 2.375in OT825.002.329
Tube 63.5mm 2.500in OT825.002.334
DN 65 70mm 2.759in OT825.002.336
2 1/2in Pipe 73mm 2.875in OT825.002.338
Tube 76.2mm 3.000in OT825.002.344
DN 80 85mm 3.346in OT825.002.349
3in Pipe 88.9mm 3.500in OT825.002.351
Tube 101.6mm 4.000in OT825.002.358
DN 100 104mm 4.094in OT825.002.359
4in Pipe 114.3mm 4.500in OT825.002.364
Tube 127mm 5.000in OT825.002.367
DN 125 129mm 5.079in OT825.002.369
5in Pipe 141.3mm 5.563in OT825.002.372
Tube 152.4mm 6.000in OT825.002.373
DN 150 154mm 6.063in OT825.002.374
6in Pipe 168.3mm 6.625in OT825.002.378