Clamping shell inserts for OW 115/ OW 115S fusion orbital weld heads

Made of aluminum. 1 set of clamping inserts consists of 2 parts for 1 clamping side. 2 clamping inserts (= 4 parts) are required for each tube dimension.

You can choose between wide “W” and small “S” clamping inserts which can be combined with one another as desired.

Application Tube OD OW 115/115S “S” (small)
Tube 12.7mm .500in OT824.002.228
Tube (DN 15) 19.05mm .750in OT824.002.227
1/2in Pipe 21.3mm .840in OT824.002.122
Tube 22.22mm .875in OT824.002.126
DN 20 23mm .905in OT824.002.128
Tube 25.4mm 1.000in OT824.002.133
Short Ferrule 25.4mm 1.000in OT-115-FK
Standard Ferrule 25.4mm 1.000in OT-115SF-100
3/4in Pipe 26.7mm 1.050in OT824.002.135
DN 25 29mm 1.142in OT824.002.140
Tube 31.75mm 1.250in OT824.002.143
1in Pipe 33.4mm 1.315in OT824.002.147
DN 32 35mm 1.378in OT824.002.150
Tube 38.1mm 1.500in OT824.002.153
Short Ferrule 38.1mm 1.500in OT-115-FK
Standard Ferrule 38.1mm 1.500in OT-115SF-150
DN 40 41mm 1.614in OT824.002.155
1 1/4in Pipe 42.16mm 1.660in OT824.002.157
1 1/2in Pipe 48.26mm 1.900in OT824.002.169
Tube 50.8mm 2.000in OT824.002.173
Short Ferrule 50.8mm 2.000in OT-115-FK
Standard Ferrule 50.8mm 2.000in OT-115SF-200
DN 50 53mm 2.087in OT824.002.176
2in Pipe 60.3mm 2.375in OT824.002.181
Tube 63.5mm 2.500in OT824.002.186
Short Ferrule 63.5mm 2.500in OT-115-FK
Standard Ferrule 63.5mm 2.500in OT-115SF-250
DN 65 70mm 2.759in OT824.002.188
2 1/2in Pipe 73mm 2.875in OT824.002.191
Tube 76.2mm 3.000in OT824.002.196
Short Ferrule 76.2mm 3.000in OT-115-FK
Standard Ferrule 76.2mm 3.000in OT-115SF-300
DN 80 85mm 3.346in OT824.002.201
3in Pipe 88.9mm 3.500in OT824.002.203
Tube 101.6mm 4.000in OT824.002.211
Short Ferrule 101.6mm 4.000in OT-115F-400
Standard Ferrule 101.6mm 4.000in OT-115SF-400
DN 100 104mm 4.094in OT824.002.211
4in Pipe 114.3mm 4.500in OT824.002.215
Blank Blank Blank OT824.002.220


Application Tube OD OW 115/115S “W” (wide)
1/2in Pipe 21.3mm .840in OT824.002.322
Tube 22.22mm .875in OT824.002.326
DN 20 23mm .905in OT824.002.328
Tube 25.4mm 1.000in OT824.002.333
3/4in Pipe 26.7mm 1.050in OT824.002.335
DN 25 29mm 1.142in OT824.002.340
Tube 31.75mm 1.250in OT824.002.343
1in Pipe 33.4mm 1.315in OT824.002.347
DN 32 35mm 1.378in OT824.002.350
Tube 38.1mm 1.500in OT824.002.353
DN 40 41mm 1.614in OT824.002.355
1 1/4in Pipe 42.16mm 1.660in OT824.002.357
1 1/2in Pipe 48.26mm 1.900in OT824.002.369
Tube 50.8mm 2.000in OT824.002.373
DN 50 53mm 2.087in OT824.002.376
2in Pipe 60.3mm 2.375in OT824.002.381
Tube 63.5mm 2.500in OT824.002.386
DN 65 70mm 2.759in OT824.002.388
2 1/2in Pipe 73mm 2.875in OT824.002.391
Tube 76.2mm 3.000in OT824.002.396
DN 80 85mm 3.346in OT824.002.401
3in Pipe 88.9mm 3.500in OT824.002.403
Tube 101.6mm 4.000in OT824.002.411
DN 100 104mm 4.094in OT824.002.411
4in Pipe 114.3mm 4.500in OT824.002.415