Turn-N-Count Wrench

Turn-N-Count Wrench - 63-000-01

Hand operated ratcheting "T" wrench for turning and exercising valves. The Turn-N-Count prevents operator injury by spinning around where the key could jump off and for visibly obstructed valves by cars and signs near busy roads. Utility crew are able to observe the traffic when exercising valves.

Accepts all 1in (25.4mm) keys. Ships complete with telescoping keyway that extends from 5 to 9ft (1.52 to 2.74M) with a 2in (50.8mm) AWWA standard socket, digital counter and hydrant socket. Doubles as a hand operated hydrant wrench.

Hydrant Wrench Deluxe - 63-000-02

Deluxe model includes digital counter and hydrant socket.

Hydrant Wrench Basic - 63-000-03


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