Split Frame 2428 Bridge Slide

Split Frame 1220 Bridge Slide

The Wachs LCSF Low Clearance Split Frame Bridge Slide is a modular component designed for single pointing and counterboring, and mounts directly to the split frame rotating ring. Single point cutting with a split frame is recommended when wall thickness is greater than 3/4in (19mm) on stainless steel and 1in (25.4mm) on carbon steel. LCSF Low Clearance Split Frame 2428 Bridge Slide is designed for single point beveling and counterboring on heavy wall applications over 1in (25.4mm), and fits models LCSF 1824/3 and LCSF 2228/3. Easy to install and use, it features 1.5in (38mm) maximum axial travel and produces a lathe quality finish. Requires bevel and compound bevel templates, sold separately.


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