QFII QuickFit Hybrid 120 Pipe Fitting System

Innovative Pipe Alignment, Pipe Positioning, and Pipe Sizing Adjustment - All-in-One. The QFII Hybrid 120 Pipe Fitting System is a Pipe Clamp designed to be a multi-task and size, quick and easy solution to all the different styles and sizes of traditional pipe fitting tools. A single portable tool, it provides both alignment & positioning capabilities, as well as quick size adjustment.

  • All the traditional alignment and positioning tools in one
  • The QFII Hybrid Base Unit replaces all of the following tools:
    • 7 cage clamps - sizes 6in - 18in
    • 2 single chain clamps - up to 18in each
    • 1 single chain clamp - up to 36in
    • 1 double chain clamp - up to 18in
    • 2 sleeve clamps - up to 18in


The QFII QuickFit Hybrid 120 Pipe Fitting System is not only an alignment tool, but a complete pipe fitting solution. The system allows for simultaneous alignment and gap adjustment, as well as pipe size expandability. This allows the user to have multiple sizes and configurations at their disposal without the need for more tools.

  • Multi users, from a single unit, (use each clamp assembly as an individual chain clamp)
  • Enhanced pipe fitting capabilities, align & position simultaneously
  • Combine QFII units and straps to form larger size tools. Different styles and sizes not required. No tools required.
  • Greatly enhanced modular ergonomics, light weight accompanied by user friendly portability
  • An innovative platform for continued product enhancement & development

What’s in a pipe fitting hybrid?

  • Cages
  • Positioning Cages
  • (2) Single Chain Clamps
  • Double Chain Clamp
  • (2) Sleeve Clamps

All The Tools & Sizes, Integrated Alignment & Adjustment.
Completely Portable, and at a fraction of the cost.
The QFII QuickFit Hybrid 120 Pipe Fitting System weighs only 118 lbs, and replaces all of these Traditional tools (below) 804 lbs.+:

Cage Clamps
6in cage 40 lbs
8in cage 41 lbs
10in cage 60 lbs
12in cage 70 lbs
14in cage 80 lbs
16in cage 106 lbs
18in cage 110 lbs
Single Chain Clamps
4-16in 50 lbs
4-16in 50 lbs
10-36in 100 lbs

Double Chain Clamp
4-16in 35 lbs
Sleeve Clamps
MD Sleeve Clamp 31 lbs
MD Sleeve Clamp 31 lbs

Sleeve Clamps

Technical Data

Measurement Weight
Safe Work Load (SWL) 7,200 lbs
Clamping Force 2,000 lbs per 50 lbs input
Lateral Jack Force (manual) 5,000 lbs (approx.)
Linear Tensile 19,170 lbs
Lateral Compression 15,000 lbs (approx.)
Load Release 15,000 lbs (approx.)
Total Weight* 118 lbs
* Total weight of the QFII Hybrid is calculated using every component included in the purchase of one tool including the jack.

Part Weights

Component Weight
60in Strap and Clamp 34.3 lbs
Double Jack Bar 9.625 lbs
Single Jack Bar 3.94 lbs
Peerless Quickbinder Jack 9 lbs
1 ft Standard Link Extension 3.19 lbs
1 ft Solid Link Extension (single solid link) 4.14 lbs
1 ft Solid Link Extension (two solid links) 5.09 lbs
1 ft Solid Link Extension (three solid links) 6.04 lbs