Orbitalum PS 4.5 Plus 110V EU

Tube cutting made easy: Cuts thin-walled stainless-steel tubes and elbows using the superior orbital cutting technology. For its field of applications, the PS 4.5 110V EU Tube Saw (23 kg) is amongst the lightest in its class available machines on the market today.

Enhanced safety due to stationary tube – rotating tool. The tested process of planetary cutting is another important feature, which characterizes all ORBITALUM pipe cutting machines. The saw blade rises into the cutting area and is driven orbitally around the pipe. The advantage is that a small saw blade can cut a large tube diameter, without heating the tube.

As is characteristic for the ORBITALUM pipe saws, the saw allows convenient marking of the cut-off point on the tube with the help of a line laser. A second saw blade clamping point enables tube elbows to be cut off.

A mobile, powerful and flexible tube cutting machine for use on construction sites, that’s what the PS series from Orbitalum Tools stands for. This new generation of tube saws convinces not only with its burr-free, right-angled and deformation-free cutting results, but also with its low weight. Portable tube saws Simple and convenient to use: The PS saws can be mounted quickly with minimum space requirements and transported and operated by a single person The powerful motor is equipped with overload protection and ergonomic handles and works with 110 V, 50/60 Hz in the EU.

The slide housing as well as the self-centering clamping jaws were produced from high-quality aluminum alloys, which measure up to the highest requirements for construction sites.

  • Lightweight and easily transportable machine to provide flexibility for on-site applications
  • Deformation-free clamping of thin-walled tubes
  • For cutting of thin-walled tubes and elbows
  • No rework necessary because of a burr-free and square cut
  • Cold cutting process prevents corrosion
  • Integrated line laser to determine the cut off point
  • Orbital cutting process saves time
  • Multiple point clamping
  • Fast adjustment of the pipe dimension
  • Long saw blade service life
  • Press fitting saw blade combinations can be used*
  • Speed controlled single-phase AC motor with restart inhibitor