Clamping shell inserts for OW 38s fusion orbital weld heads

OW38S Weld Held Clamping Shells

Made of aluminum. 1 set of clamping inserts consists of 2 parts for 1 clamping side. 2 clamping inserts (= 4 parts) are required for each tube dimension.

Application Tube OD OW 38S
Tube 3mm .118in OT826.002.120
Tube 3.18mm .125in OT826.002.122
Tube 4.78mm .187in OT826.002.126
Tube 6mm .236in OT826.002.128
Tube 6.35mm .250in OT826.002.129
Tube 8mm .314in OT826.002.133
Tube 9.53mm .375in OT826.002.135
Tube 10mm .394in OT826.002.137
Tube 12mm .472in OT826.002.143
Tube 12.7mm .500in OT826.002.145
DN 10 13mm .512in OT826.002.146
Tube 15.88mm .625in OT826.002.157
Tube (DN 15) 19.05mm .750in OT826.002.166
1/2in Pipe 21.3mm .840in OT826.002.170
Tube 22.22mm .875in OT826.002.174
DN 20 23mm .905in OT826.002.176
Tube 25.4mm 1.000in OT826.002.181
3/4in Pipe 26.7mm 1.050in OT826.002.183
DN 25 29mm 1.142in OT826.002.188
Tube 31.75mm 1.250in OT826.002.191
1in Pipe 33.4mm 1.315in OT826.002.195
DN 32 35mm 1.378in OT826.002.198
Tube 38.1mm 1.500in OT826.002.201
Blank Blank Blank OT826.002.210