Meridian PMM Milling Machines

Meridian PMM Milling Machines

E.H. Wachs and Meridian Equipment of Houston, Texas have partnered to offer Meridian’s PMM Series Portable Milling Machines. This partnership allows us to offer our customers a specialized alternative to our existing facing and milling options, while offering Meridian customers greater availability by stocking the most popular sized machines at select E.H. Wachs Service and Rental Centers.

Pneumatically powered, PMM Portable Milling Machines are offered in sizes from 4ft to 8ft (1219-2438mm) and are the ideal solution for milling divider plates and other flat plate milling applications.

Perfect for onsite machining, the Meridian Portable Milling Machine (PMM) can be bolted or clamped directly onto the part being machined or milled for a smooth, mill finish. A three-axis milling machine, the Meridian PMM is available in sizes ranging from 48 inch to 96 inch (1219-2438mm). Designed for milling and boring applications, the PMM can also be used as a facing mill to quickly face chipped, worn, and uneven edges.

Meridian machines are in stock and available for rental or purchase near Houston, Philadelphia, Chicago, San Francisco and Toronto, Canada. Tooling and training are available at both E.H. Wachs and Meridian locations; ask your Wachs representative for additional details.

Model A B C D E F G H Weight Shipping
L x W x H
M 48 10.5in (266.7mm) 8in (203.2mm) 23.75in (603.25mm) 39.25in (996.95mm) 12in (304.8mm) 14.5in (368.3mm) 49.625in (1260.5mm) 4in (101.6mm) 400 lbs (181.4kg) 68in x 24in x 29in (1727.2mm x 609.6mm x 736.6mm) 700 lbs (317.5kg)
M 72 10.5in (266.7mm) 10in (254mm) 23.75in (603.25mm) 39.25in (996.95mm) 12in (304.8mm) 14.5in (368.3mm) 73.625in (1870mm) 5in (127mm) 900 lbs (408.2kg) 92in x 24in x 29in (2336.8mm x 609.6mm x 736.6mm) 1125 lbs (510.3kg)
M 96 10.5in (266.7mm) 10in (254mm) 23.75in (603.25mm) 39.25in (996.95mm) 12in (304.8mm) 14.5in (368.3mm) 97.625in (2479.7mm) 5in (127mm) 1000 lbs (453.6kg) 116in x 24in x 29in (2946.4mm x 609.6mm x 736.6mm) 1300 lbs (589.7kg)