Meridian Flange Facers

Meridian ODM Facing Machines

E.H. Wachs and Meridian Equipment of Houston, Texas have partnered to offer Meridian’s O.D. Mounted ODM Series Flange Facing machines. This partnership allows Wachs to offer our customers a specialized alternative to our existing facing options, while offering Meridian customers greater availability by stocking the most popular sized machines at select E.H. Wachs Service and Rental Centers.

Pneumatic powered ODM Flange Facing machines are available in sizes to face flanges on 20in to 120in (508-3048mm) pipe, with a 10in (254mm) range per machine. Offering smooth belt drive to deliver consistently perfect finishes, Meridian machines are easy to operate and robustly constructed.

Meridian machines are in stock and available for rental or purchase near Houston, Philadelphia, Chicago, San Francisco and Toronto, Canada. Tooling and training are available at both E.H. Wachs and Meridian locations; ask your Wachs representative for additional details.

Meridian OD-mounted facing machines perform surfacing, facing, beveling, and counterboring. Interchangeable fixed and adjustable jaws allow for the greatest range and diversity in mounting, and adjusting the machine for the best possible machining results. Backside attachment is possible for machining both sides of a work piece. The standard and optional drives and compounds, in conjunction with the adjustable and fixed jaws, ensure fast, accurate and trouble-free operation.

Frame Design

The frame is a welded steel assembly to which all other components are attached. A rigid structure, the frame is designed to handle the linear and rotational forces generated during shipping, handling, setup and the machining process.

The Ring

The ring accepts the torsional forces developed by the drive assembly and transfers this energy to the cross bar and ultimately to the work piece. The ring assembly with its counter-weighted design provides smooth vibration-free operation.

Crossbar Assembly

The cross bar assembly transfers the rotational energy from the ring to the compound and machine tool. Its rigid design allows for very precise placement and control of the cutting tool.

Positioning Jaws

Jaws are of 2 varieties, fixed and adjustable. The adjustable jaws allow for straightforward and precise preliminary alignment of the machine to the work piece. The fixed mounting jaws provide outstanding holding strength once the machine is in position.

Internal Drive

The standard drive system is composed of pneumatic motor, drive sheaves, belts and belt tensioners. Smooth operation of the machine begins with an exceptional drive system.

Model A B C D Weight Shipping Dimensions
L x W x H
Shipping Weight Jaws
ODM 20 39in (990.6mm) 32in (812.8mm) 22.875in (581mm) 17in (431.8mm) 600 lbs (272.2kg) 40in x 40in x 24in (1016mm x 1016mm x 609.6mm) 700 lbs (317.5kg) 0/4
ODM 30 49in (1244.6mm) 42in (1066.8mm) 22.875in (581mm) 17in (431.8mm) 950 lbs (430.9kg) 50in x 50in x 24in (1270mm x 1270mm x 609.6mm) 1050 lbs (476.3kg) 4/4
ODM 40 64in (1625.6mm) 52in (1320.8mm) 22.875in (581mm) 17in (431.8mm) 1250 lbs (567kg) 60in x 60in x 24in (1524mm x 1524mm x 609.6mm) 1350 lbs (612.3kg) 4/4
ODM 50 74in (1879.6mm) 62in (1574.8mm) 22.875in (581mm) 17in (431.8mm) 1450 lbs (657.7kg) 70in x 70in x 24in (1778mm x 1778mm x 609.6mm) 1550 lbs (703kg) 4/4
ODM 60 84in (2133.6mm) 72in (1828.8mm) 22.875in (581mm) 17in (431.8mm) 1650 lbs (748.4kg) 80in x 80in x 24in (2032mm x 2032mm x 609.6mm) 1850 lbs (839.1kg) 4/4
ODM 70 94in (2387.6mm) 82in (2082.8mm) 22.875in (581mm) 17in (431.8mm) 1850 lbs (839.1kg) 90in x 90in x 24in (2286mm x 2286mm x 609.6mm) 2050 lbs (930kg) 4/4
ODM 80 106.5in (2705.1mm) 94.5in (2400.3mm) 22.875in (581mm) 17in (431.8mm) 3200 lbs (1451kg) 126in x 90in x 90in (3200.4mm x 2286mm x 2286mm) 4200 lbs (1905kg) 12/4
ODM 90 116.5in (2959.1mm) 104.5in (2654.3mm) 22.875in (581mm) 17in (431.8mm) 3500 lbs (1588kg) 126in x 90in x 90in (3200.4mm x 2286mm x 2286mm) 4500 lbs (2041kg) 12/4
ODM 100 126.5in (3213.1mm) 114.5in (2908.3mm) 22.875in (581mm) 17in (431.8mm) 3800 lbs (1724kg) 126.5in x 90in x 90in (3213.1mm x 2286mm x 2286mm) 4800 lbs (2477kg) 12/4
ODM 110 136.5in (3467.1mm) 124.5in (3162.3mm) 22.875in (581mm) 17in (431.8mm) 4100 lbs (1860kg) 136.5in x 90in x 92in (3467.1mm x 2286mm x 2336.8mm) 5100 lbs (2313kg) 12/4
ODM 120 146.5in (3721.1mm) 134.5in (3416.3mm) 22.875in (581mm) 17in (431.8mm) 4400 lbs (1996kg) 136.5in x 90in x 102in (3467.1mm x 2286mm x 2590.8mm) 5400 lbs (2449kg) 12/4