Electric Power

EPD Electric Power Drive

E.H. Wachs Electric Power Drive (EPD) is a self contained, compact electric drive system that’s an alternative to traditional pneumatic and hydraulic drives for larger field portable machine tools. Lightweight and easily transportable the Wachs EPD is powerful enough for all but the most demanding applications. Developed in Germany to world class standards the EPD is ideal for the power generation, oil & gas and pipeline distribution industries. Highly efficient, it eliminates the energy loss inherent in converting electric power to pneumatic or hydraulic, requiring less hardware.

Wachs Electric Power Drive is a complete system that includes the electric drive motor, power supply/controller and remote control pendant. Weighing less than 40 pounds (16.5 Kg), the electric power box (EPD) controller is housed in a small suitcase sized housing sealed to IP65 moisture and dust resistance standards. The high frequency electric power motor (EPM) is a lightweight (16 pounds/7 Kg) yet powerful design also protected to IP65 that utilizes a quick, tool free mounting system.


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