DynaPrep MDSF 1420 Split Frame Pneumatic Kits

DynaPrep MDSF Pneumatic Straight Drive Motor Kit

DynaPrep MDSF Split Frame 1420 14in-20in OD (DN350-DN500) Pneumatic Kits, include rotating split ring style OD mounted machine tools, often referred to as clamshells, designed to cut, bevel, single point and counterbore pipe. Each kit comes complete with:

  • DynaPrep MDSF 1420 14in-20in OD ring set
  • 1 extended parting tool slide
  • 1 extended beveling tool slide
  • No-time starwheel feed
  • Pneumatic drive motor
  • Operating hand tools
  • Operation manual
  • Storage case

Wachs DynaPrep MDSF modular design split frames are named for their ability to split in half for mounting to the outside of inline pipe. Maintaining the low clearance design of our previous LCSF series, but building on that legacy with dozens of innovations and features make the DynaPrep MDSF more powerful, more versatile, and faster to setup and operate. It is redefining the standard in portable, cold cutting machine tools.


Manual Product Line Tooling Sheet