Valve Keys

Valve Keys

Telescoping Keys are for use with ERV-750, P-2 & RS-2  valve operators. Telescopic key constructed of high grade steel, spring loaded pin to eliminate loss, 3 sections for easy storage. Rated up to 800 ft/lbs (1085 Nm), a 1” (25.4mm) square male drive at top interfaces with machine and a variety of options listed below for interfacing the valve operator nut. Weighs only 24 lbs (10.9 kg).

Colder Climates (adjustable from 4 to 9ft (1.2 x 2.7M):

  1. 11-408-00 AWWA 2” (50.8mm) female socket
  2. 11-408-0135mm female socket
  3. 11-408-UK 1” (25.4mm) male

Warmer Climates (adjustable from 3 to 8ft (.9 x 2.4M):

  • 11-409-00 AWWA 2” (50.8mm) female socket
  • 11-409-01 35mm female socket
  • 11-409-UK 1” (25.4mm) male 

Key Extension

11-242-03 3ft (.9M) extension section 

Tee Handle Adapter

11-408-10 add manual functionality to any key

Low Clearance Valve Keys for use with the TM-7 mounted valve exercisers in restricted spaces. All Low Clearance Valve Keys are equipped with a universal 2” (50.8mm) AWWA socket.
LC 2ft Valve Key - 17-074-02, Fixed length 2ft (.6M)
LC 3.5ft Valve Key - 17-074-04, Fixed length 3.5ft (1M)
LC 5.5ft Valve Key - 17-074-06, Fixed length 5.5ft (1.7M)
LC 7.5ft Valve Key - 17-074-08, Fixed length 7.5ft (1.7M)
Low Clearance Valve Key Adaptor - 17-078-00, Required for use of Low Clearance Valve Key models.
Steel Valve Keys are constructed of high strength steel for use with TM-7 mounted valve exercisers. All Steel Valve Keys are equipped with a universal 2” (50.8mm) AWWA socket. Also available in a lightweight aluminum.
4ft Steel - 07-406-04, Fixed length 4ft (1.2M), aluminum 07-409-04
6ft Steel - 07-406-06, Fixed length 6ft (1.8M), aluminum 07-409-06
8ft Steel - 07-406-08, Fixed length 8ft (1.2M), aluminum 07-409-08
10ft Steel - 07-406-10, Fixed length 10ft (3M), aluminum 07-409-10
12ft Steel - 07-406-12, Fixed length 12ft (3.7M), aluminum 07-409-12






1 Year Limited Warranty