GPS Kits

GPS Kits

GPS kits to enhance the functionality of Wachs valve exercising and rehabilitation equipment by quickly locating assets and ensuring assessment is associated with correct valve record. Adding GPS capability automatically populates GPS fields in VITALS Software (when receiving a GPS signal).


Trimble Pro series GPS   -  Part #79-412-01 & #79-412-02 

These are stand alone Pathfinder series GPS receivers that pair via Bluetooth wireless communication to the HC-100, Recon or other supported data collector.

79-412-01 Pro 6T: "Submeter" accuracy in real time with integrated antenna for fast set-up and swift data collection.

79-412-02 Pro 6H: “Decimeter” accuracy with Floodlight Technology to deliver dramatic improvements when working in urban canyons and under tree canopy.










1 Year Limited Warranty