RS-2 Rising Stem Valve Exerciser Electric

RS-2 Rising Stem Valve Exerciser Electric

RS-2 Rising Stem 110V 60Hz electric powered valve exerciser. Complete with LCD revolution counter, torque arm extension bar, manual and steel storage case. Operates standard 1in (25.4mm) non-rising valves with optional drive adaptor hub #09-402-00. Operates valves from 6 to 60in (15.2 to 152.4 cm), open 4in hub design accommodates most rising stems, maximum torque of 700 ft/lbs (949 Nm). Forward and reverse operation with finger tip control. Part #78-000-01

220V #78-000-02

RS-2 Rising Stem 110 volt electric power "VITALS™-Ready" WAVE Handheld Valve Exerciser. Complete with electronic torque control, torque/revolution readout, push-button reset, over-torque indicator, and storage of rotation and torque data. Part #78-000-12

(Does not include Data Logger).


Drive Type: Electric

Code: on request

Product Part #: 78-000-01

Shipping Dimensions: 46" x 13" x 11" (116.8 x 33 x 28 cm)

Shipping Weight: 160 lbs (72.6 kg)

Rental Availability: Yes

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