VITALS Software

VITALS Software

VITALS Software 3.3.1 (Valve Information Tracking and Logging System) equips an operator to exercise, record critical valve information and GPS position valve location to be synchronized between the HC-100 handheld controller and your desktop GIS. Custom valve ID information is recorded such as the number of turns, maximum torque and valve location while exercising the valve with E.H. Wachs ERV-750 or TM-7 to manage valve performance and prevent costly repairs. VITALS 3.3.1 new features include VITALS diagnostics to quickly identify issues pertaining to settings, brakes, counter, GPS or hydraulics to eliminate valuable downtime. Download VITALS Software 3.3.1 with VITALS Mobile (for HC-100 handheld controller #79-422-01/79-422-02 sold separately) and VITALS Desktop (for use on desktop GIS system). Additional features: 


*Turns Bar Indicator         *Auto-Detect Controller Port

*Auto-Detect GPS             *Auto-Connect to Exerciser

*Bluetooth Indicator          *No Activity Valves

*Error Indicator                  *Customer GPS Naming

*Power Save                      *Language Selection


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Product Part #: 79-409-00

Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty

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