Wachs Guillotine Saws

Subsea Guillotine Pipe Saws offer quick setup, easily changed blades and efficient operation. For additional versatility custom mounting saddles are available for non circular shapes such as squares and I beams. In use virtually everywhere, our Guillotines are strong yet light, simple to mount, simple to operate and simply bulletproof. From simple to difficult, pipe to solids, carbon to stainless, above the surface or below, whatever the cutting task Wachs Subsea has a Guillotine saw right for the job.

Four Guillotine sizes are available:

Super C
Cuts 2” through 12” (DN50-300) pipe, solids through 12.75” (324 mm) diameter
Model D
Cuts 6” through 18” (DN150-450) pipe, solids through 18.625” (473 mm) diameter
Super D
Cuts 10” through 24” (DN250-600) pipe, solids through 24.5” (622 mm) diameter
Cuts 16” through 32” (DN400-800) pipe, solids through 32” (1813 mm) diameter


Wachs Guillotine Saws
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