Subsea Medium Shipping Basket

Subsea Medium Shipping Basket

Subsea Shipping Baskets are used to safely and efficiently transport equipment to subsea locations. Featuring a four point corner lift arrangement, the medium subsea shipping basket (part number H10-020-002) measures 6 x 11 x 4 foot (1828 x 3353 x 1219mm).

Constructed of high strength, double galvanized corrosion resistant steel with integral fork lift pockets, the medium basket is lift tested to five times maximum payload of 8000 lbs (3629 kg) MGW, with 5225 lbs (2370 kg) SWL and 2360 lbs (1070 kg) Tare.

Available in three standard sizes with additional sizes available by special order, Wachs subsea shipping baskets offer excellent protection and a great working platform for deploying any brand of subsea equipment. Available for purchase or rent.





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