ROV Tool Deployment Basket

ROV Tool Deployment Basket
The Subsea ROV Center Lift Tool Deployment Basket (part number  H12-016-5000) is designed to be deployed and used in tough subsea environments. It is constructed of high strength, double galvanized steel with heavy duty center lift pillar and  reinforced corners, and is used to deploy ROV Tooling to the sea bottom for ease of access. The ROV Tool Basket features an opening gate for greater versatility, integral fork lift pockets, and an elevated mud mat.
High Strength Center Point Lift, Heavy Wall Stiffeners, Convenient Fork Pockets, Double Galvanized, Lift Tested to 22,500 pounds to certify for payloads up to 3,500 pounds (1,588g).
Weight of ROV basket in air = 4,200 lbs.
Weight of ROV basket in seawater = 3,654 lbs.
Weight of Payload = 3,500 lbs (1,588kg).
Design lift force = 22.5 kips (inclusive  of 2.0 FOS, 1.5DAF)
Dimensions = 72” x 86” x 30”  (1829 x 2184 x 762mm)








Product Part #:

Operating Dimensions:
72" x 86" x 30" (1829 x 2184 x 762mm)

Operating Weight:
8,000 lbs mgw (3,629 kg)

This product is sold exclusively by Alpha Subsea, LLC