Subsea Dual Pin Drill Autofeed

Subsea Dual Pin Drill Autofeed

Subsea Dual Pin Drill Autofeed with hydraulically powered twin opposed drills, Autofeed and manual hinge operation. Designed for subsea opposed drilling and threading applications. Powerful enough to drill a 4" (102mm) diameter hole, ships complete with HD hydraulic drive, operating manual and storage case.

Wachs Subsea Dual Pin Drill Autofeed incorporates two opposed drills on a mounting frame for drilling precisely aligned holes through which bolts or pins can be inserted to secure multiple-layered casings. Various frame sizes are available to fit a range of casing sizes. Also offered in a manual feed model. Features powerful sealed hydraulic drive, hydraulic power unit required, sold separately.





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OD Mount

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1 Year Limited Warranty

This product is sold exclusively by Alpha Subsea, LLC