DWS 5230 Diamond Wire Saw

DWS 5230 Diamond Wire Saw

The Subsea DWS 5230 Diamond Wire Saw (part number 10-010-552) utilizes a high speed rotating diamond impregnated wire loop for underwater cutting of horizontal or vertical pipe, casings and structure from 30 to 52 inch (762 - 1321mm) outside diameter. Synchronized clamping arms ensure uniform, square and secure mounting and prevent damage to the arms from unequal forces. Running on hydraulic power, the wire saw is controlled remotely using the Subsea Topside Control Panel (TCP), Subsea HPU with integrated TCP or by ROV control operable via zero leak hot stabs.

This diamond wire saw features a unique hydrodynamic design that dramatically reduces centrifugal forces during operation, which means less power wasted in churning water and more power directed to cutting the workpiece. All feature a strong yet lightweight yellow powder coated aluminum frame assembly, stainless steel hardware, black anodized drive wheel covers, auto or manual wire feed/retract system, adjustable automatic pipe clamp, 3 circuit hydraulic drive, (1) continuous loop cutting wire, operating hand tools and manual. Order replacement cutting wire under part number 08-021-710.





Mounting Method:
OD Mount

Pipe Outside Diameter Range (OD):
30in-52.008in (762mm-1321mm)

Product Part #:

Operating Dimensions:
127in x 87in x 43in (3226 x 2216 x 1092mm)

Operating Weight:
1600 lbs (726kg)

Rental Availability:

1 Year Limited Warranty

This product is sold exclusively by Alpha Subsea, LLC