DWDWS Deployment Basket 5230

DWDWS Deployment Basket 5230

The Subsea DWDWS Deployment Basket 5230 (part number H11-029-001) is custom engineered and matched for shipping and  deploying the DWDWS 5230. It is equipped with a folding single point lift, and a center post that the saw is clamped to for deployment and recovery. 

Designed, like the DWDWS itself,  to operate at depths up to 3000 meters (9843sfw), the basket is equipped with a female hot stab and compensator built into the floor so the saw's hydraulic manifold can be compensated while transiting depth.
Built from galvanized carbon steel it includes a survey beacon bracket and integrated fork lift pockets. The basket design has a mudmat that elevates the floor 24 inches (610mm) off the seafloor to help prevent disturbing sediment. The large landing gate is counterbalanced to minimize the opening and closing effort, and is equipped with two sliding bolts with open/close detents and bolt holes for field installation of monkey fists.





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