DWDWS 5230 Diamond Wire Saw

DWDWS 5230 Diamond Wire Saw

The Subsea DWDWS 5230 Deepwater Diamond Wire Saw (part number 10-10-552-ROV) is designed for subsea cutting of horizontal or vertical pipe, casings and structure at depths up to 3000 meters (9843sfw) within a range of 30 to 52 inch (762 to 1321mm) outside diameter.

Hydraulically powered the DWDWS 5230 is controlled remotely from the surface using the Subsea TCP Topside Control Panel and your power unit, or with the HPU-84 Subsea Hydraulic Power Unit with integrated TCP. The 5230 may also be controlled by ROV, powered via zero leak hot stabs.

Every DWDWS is equipped with a ROV compliant control panel featuring easily readable gauges and large, tapered color-coded knobs operating a clutched mechanism to resist breakage. All DWDWS models come standard with Advanced Syntactic Flotation with Adjustable Buoyancy, Auto Wire Feed / Retract System, Auto Synchronized Clamping and a sealed, pressure adjusted 3 circuit hydraulic system.

The DWDWS 5230 ships with (1) continuous loop diamond cutting wire that is quickly and easily changed in the field. Order spare 5230 wires with Part Number P08-021-710. A highly recommended accessory is the dedicated DWDWS 5230 Shipping / Deployment Basket (Part Number H11-029-001). 





Mounting Method:
OD Mount

Pipe Outside Diameter Range (OD):
30in-52in (762mm-1320.8mm)

Product Part #:

Operating Dimensions:
118in x 87in x 55in (2997 x 2209 x 1397mm)

Operating Weight:
In Air 2400 lbs (1089kg)

1 Year Limited Warranty

This product is sold exclusively by Alpha Subsea, LLC