Subsea Diamond Wire Saws

Subsea Diamond Wire Saws (DWS) are designed for underwater cutting of horizontal or vertical pipe. Utilizing a wire cutting element infused with industrial diamonds, these newest generation saws cut quickly and resist the compressive forces that tend to stall or bind conventional machines. DWS saws are ideal for cutting through dissimilar materials such as grout and steel found on multi-string casings.

The DWS Diamond Wire Saw series is available with options for diver control,  topside remote control or by ROV control operable via zero leak hot stabs. They’re the only machines of their type with a self-adjusting, auto feed system that controls wire bend, automatically matching the feed rate to the cutting rate. Their unique hydrodynamic design requires less power due to the dramatically reduced centrifugal forces during operation.

The subsea Deepwater Diamond Wire Saws (DWDWS) are designed for deepwater cutting of horizontal or vertical pipe, casings or structure, with three models available to cut from 4 inch - 52 inch O.D. (DN100-DN1300) up to depths of 3000msw (9843sfw). Running on hydraulic power, the wire saw is controlled remotely using the TCP Topside Control Panel and your HPU, or the HPU-84 Hydraulic Power Unit with integral TCP, or by ROV control and power via zero leak hot stabs.

The DWDWS features advanced syntactic flotation, controls and power connections designed for ROV use in repair and maintenance activities. The ROV Diamond Wire Saw is a ROV deployed saw for specialized operations.
Subsea Diamond Wire Saws
This product is sold exclusively by Alpha Subsea, LLC