Orbitalum REB 14 Pipe End Preparation Machine

Orbitalum REB 14 Pipe End Preparation Machine

The lightweight, portable, powerful pipe end preparation solution. Performs counterboring and beveling of pipes made from high-alloy steel (stainless steel), low-alloy and carbon steel with the unique tool system QTC®. Up to 4 tools can be used simultaneously.


  • Compact design for precise and reproducible weld prep profiles
  • Quick-Tool-Change QTC®
  • Square and burr-free
  • High-performance coated tool bit with two or four cutting edges
  • Sturdy construction
  • Tools adaptable on all REB machines
  • Optimized performance and ergonomic drive system
  • Portable with an integral carrying handle

Machine includes:

(1) Pipe End Preparation Machine REB 14
(1) Transportation case
(1) Clamping chuck
(6) Clamping sets, each with 3 clamping wedges
(1) Tool set
(1) KSS-TOP lubricant spray pump KSS-TOP (Code 790 060 226)
(1) Set of operating instructions and spare parts list




Power Options:
Electric, Pneumatic

Pipe Outside Diameter Range (OD):
3.622in-14in (92mm-355.6mm)

Orbitalum Product Code:
790 094 005

Rental Availability: