E.H. Wachs offers two different styles of casing cutters, our versatile ECC External Casing Cutter and the EICC External Internal Casing Cutter, both based on Wachs proven split frame technology.

The ECC External Casing Cutter is a portable air or hydraulic powered machine tool used to cut and chamfer the external casing conductors as part of the wellhead completion prior to fitting the BOP. It utilizes Wachs proven LCSF split frame technology to cut casings up to 42in O.D. (1067mm). Remote control options are available for air driven models.

The EICC External Internal Casing Cutter is a multi-function system utilizing our LCSF split frame for the external cut, with an I.D. cutting module to handle the internal cut below the wellhead. The EICC is designed to accommodate a wide range of casing O.D.’s above the wellhead and I.D. cuts below. The I.D. cutting module mounts to the split frame to cut and/or chamfer casings below the wellhead. This tool is ideal for newer wellhead designs that require an internal cut and O.D. chamfer for final wellhead installation.

Casing Cutters