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Subsea Rentals

Alpha Subsea is the exclusive licensee to manufacture, sell and rent Wachs Subsea products used to support the maintenance and repair activities of the offshore oil and gas industries. These products are used nearshore, offshore and topside with most suitable or adaptable to either shallow or deepwater operations.

When it makes more sense to rent than to buy, most of Alpha Subsea's product lineup is available for rental. Subsea rental choices include DWS diamond wire saws, DWDWS deepwater diamond wire saws, subsea specific drills, subsea hydraulic power units and more.

In addition, E.H. Wachs products are available as rentals for for applications in oil & gas and pipeline distribution, including DynaPrep MDSF split frame rotating ring cutters and bevelers, end prep bevelers, Guillotine pipe saws, ECC and EICC casing cutters, the Trav-L-Cutter and more.

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